Delve: Next generation debugger for Golang

In my previous post I demonstrated how you can debug golang applications with LLDB. In this article I will illustrate the most recent debugger for Go: Delve The debugger is a community effort to bring a debugger in the toolchain of every Go developer. It’s written in Go to debug Go code. It’s still in active development, but we can still benefit from its basic features. Installation You should install Delve with the following command:
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Debug Golang applications: LLDB

Even that ease and simplicity of using go are one of its main advanatages, there are difficulties in debugging applications written in go. The lack of mature tools (like supported vim plugin) push most of us to use logging techniques to inspect and track down issues. In this article, I will demonstrates how you can use vim and lldb to debug a go application. Before that you should make the application capable for debugging.
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PINVOKE: Getting all child handles of window

If you don’t know I have a new job in Bulgaria. I went away form Web Development and now I’m working as Windows Developer. However, we had a client that exceed the number of window handles (more than 10 000) due to bad design of application. While diagnosing his application, we needed to understand how many handles are created per window. Windows API provide the availability to get all child handles for specified handle.
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