Fast run time emitting with dynamic methods in .NET

It was a long time since, I have blogged. Nevertheless, I did not loose the enthusiasm to share the interesting stuff that I face. As component software developer, you should know how to access the properties of data source, when you create bound able controls (such as list control, combo box control or even grid control). The performance has always been a issue due to the fact that the control should work with any type of data source (ex.

How to prevent memory leaks when we are using events?

In the average development lifecycle is possible that event handlers that are attached to events of sources to not be destroyed in coordination with the listener object that attached the handler to the source. This can lead to memory leaks. The developers to take care about memory management not only when they use unmanaged resources but also when they attach new event handlers to specified event. This problem was solved by Microsoft in Windows Presentation Foundation.
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PINVOKE: Getting all child handles of window

If you don’t know I have a new job in Bulgaria. I went away form Web Development and now I’m working as Windows Developer. However, we had a client that exceed the number of window handles (more than 10 000) due to bad design of application. While diagnosing his application, we needed to understand how many handles are created per window. Windows API provide the availability to get all child handles for specified handle.
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ADO.NET XmlSerialization of extended DataTable

We are migrating communication protocol from .NET Remoting to WCF. Due to legacy fo this project, domain object is a DataTable that has some additional fields. In .NET Remoting serialization of that kind of object works perfectly, but in WCF these additional fields are not serialized. Instead of binary serialization in .NET Remoting, XML serialization is used in WCF. Lets have a class that derives DataTable type: public class WcfDataTable : DataTable { private string _ServerName; public WcfDataTable() : base() { } public WcfDataTable(string tableName) : base(tableName) { } public string ServerName { get { return this.
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